The conclusion of the battle with the Orks in retreat, but Salamanders losses high

Contact Lost on Asherth

Asherth. A frozen rock on the fringe of Imperial space. And, as it happened, a world of sudden importance to the Salamanders.

The loss of a sacred Land Raider in a battle only weeks prior stung deeply. Imperial Guard corrupted by Chaos had extinguished its fire forever, and the Salamanders of Third Company keenly felt its loss. To replace it, they needed a new source of ferranite, a mineral integral to Land Raider construction.

Third Company found such a source in Asherth. Read more

Dicejockey is reborn

So, after several months of not maintaining a proper blog, I’ve decided to resurrect Dicejockey. I abandoned the old Blogger format, and have now gone with a roll-your-own WordPress install.

My first real post will come this weekend. It’s going to be a story born of a Warhammer 40,000 game I played last night.